M174 Writing Concert Reports

Your two concert reports fulfill a major portion of your writing requirement. Its very important that I be able to open your report and read it. If you compose your report using Office, Open Office, Word, or Word Perfect, it should open just fine. Save these and submit under assignments AS AN ATTACHMENT only. Do not paste the report in the message box it will not transmit! Also, and this is very important put your name in the file attachment before you send, i.e. (JaneSmithConcertReport1.docx) For the semester you will need to present TWO concert reports. One concert MUST be attended in person. You have the option of attending the second concert in person or online. If you choose an online concert, it should be streamed and from the approved list below or first approved by the instructor via email.
Here is the information I need to know :
1) The concert you choose to attend is VERY IMPORTANT. You may use events from IUPUI Department of Music and Arts Technology, Music Technology events, Electronic Music events, jazz events, and events from the Indianapolis Symphony. Electronic music events should be approved through me first via email. If there is an event you would like to attend for your concert report but are unsure of if it is acceptable, please email me.
2) That you went to an appropriate concert, listened attentively, stayed the entire time, and are writing about what you heard USING MUSIC TERMS. Please dont talk about things apart from this including how people looked, etc.
3) Reports do not need to be technical, nor should they be like a critique of the performance. Just tell me in your own words what you saw and heard musically, following the guidelines given below. Use music terminology to describe what you heard texture, tonality, rhythm, harmony, tempo, instrumentation, vocal parts, staging, etc.
Concert reports must be AT LEAST 1,200 words in length.
Use normal 12 point font size and DOUBLE SPACE your report.
Begin with a heading that includes YOUR NAME, date, description of what you are submitting (e.g. Concert Report 1), and pertinent information about the concert (title of the concert, when, and where the performance was held).
Focus the content of your report ONLY on the musical aspects of the performance.
Reports must reflect the fact that you heard the entire concert and are writing about what you heard.
Report on all the works that were performed (list these titles with composers) in your own words, so that your report clearly reflects your personal listening experience. Use concert notes from the program sparingly and in your own words. However, you can research composers and titles on Google, but put these in quotations and cite your sources.
DO NOT LEAVE before the concert is completed, which makes it impossible to report on the entire performance this is not acceptable, and will not fulfill the concert requirement.
Reports must be grammatically and technically correct. Use your SPELL CHECK and also confirm by word count (this is in the lower left hand corner in MS Word) that your report is at least 1,200 words.
Names of works should be underlined or italicized, and songs or individual movements put in quotes.
Reports should be neat and clean in appearance.
M174 Writing Concert Reports

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