For this exercise you will participate in a public health simulation, Disaster in Franklin County created by the University of Minnesota. To participate in the simulation, you will need to register. Use the registration link at the end of the activity description. Registration is FREE; all that is required is your email address and a password. Before you begin, review the question prompt below. Take notes as you progress through the activity.
The Franklin County health officials held a debriefing session after the crisis was over. They reviewed all of their actions and evaluated what they had done well and what went right, what they could have done differently or better, and what lessons were learned from this health event.
1: List two things that they believed that went well or they did well, two things that they could/ should have done differently and two lessons learned from the entire process. (5 points)
Answer all the questions, save again, and then upload your file to the course in the M3 Evaluation Part 2 page. Take as much space as you need; no time limit. The reaming questions are from your module readings.

2. What does maternal, infant, and child health encompass? (2 points)
3. Discuss five examples of prevention measures for reducing maternal and infant mortality. (5 points)
4. Discuss four strategies that pregnant women should do to reduce their chances of a low-birth-weight baby. (4 points)
5. Discuss prevention programs are needed to change the culture as it relates to adolescents use of alcohol.(2 points)
6. Explain two issues studies have found regarding elder abuse. (2 points)

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