M6A1: Conflict Resolution Short Paper

M6A1: Short Paper: Conflict Resolution
Watch the following conflict management video before beginning the Module 6 short essay:
conflict resolution (Video File Length: 20:38)
Pick a workplace disagreement that you have personally encountered. Make sure your illustration is relevant to your business and not yourself. Create a formal report outlining your suggestions based on the selected situation. Consider the following guidelines:
What led to the fight, for example? Write a problem statement outlining the circumstance.

2. How was the dispute ultimately resolved? Which approach to dispute resolution did you initially employ, using ideas from your readings?

3. How would you tackle the scenario differently?
Please adhere to the structure and instructions provided below for the brief paper:

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Name, paper title, course title, instructors’ names, and the date should all be included on the title page.

Introduce the paper’s purpose in a few clear, concise lines. An overview of the paper’s value and a foundation in the course principles should be provided in the introduction.

Discussion Topics: This paragraph should include the following three topics:
1. A succinct analysis of the problem, idea, or effects of the activities made

2. A clarification of the theories or conceptual underpinnings of this subject

3. A description of your viewpoint on the matter, with references to the text or other relevant sources to back up your claim.
It is strongly advised that you use pertinent headlines to direct your reader.

Conclusion: This should be a concluding paragraph that restates the main ideas from your discussion.

sources: Your discussion must be supported by a minimum of two sources (excluding your textbook). All sources should be cited using the APA style.
Double-space your typing and choose Arial or Times New Roman in 10- or 12-point size. Page margins should be one inch on the top, bottom, left, and right of the page. The title and reference page, as well as the entire document, must be formatted in accordance with APA 6th Edition guidelines.

Primary Source
Managerial Communication: Strategies and Applications, Fifth Edition, by E. Hynes. Higher Education McGraw-Hill, 2011.



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