M8A1: Global Business Final Research Paper

On a subject of your choice and one that your instructor has accepted, you will write a research paper and submit it. You have the chance to customize the ideas you are learning in this course with this project. A research paper using a survey or questionnaire to investigate a concept of interest and value is required. The topics must be in the field of global business or some application (for example, applying course concepts to your work situation). Other possibilities are open to you, but make sure to explore them with your instructor first.

For your term project report, use the format below:
• Title: The title provides a summary of the paper’s topic.

• Abstract: An “executive overview” of your paper is provided in the abstract. Your instructor should receive a summary of your project that is between 50 and 100 words long so that they may understand its main points without having to read the complete document.

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• Table of Contents: Include a list of your paper’s sections here, along with a page number for each section. The following should be on the list:
• Tables and Figures (if more than two were provided); if any appendices are present, a list of the sources used in a bibliography or references.

• Introduction: In this section, briefly and declaratively define the aim of the study. Persuade your readers that the research will be useful to them and that you will find it meaningful. Also, persuade them that the study is founded on the course’s themes.

• Background and Significance: This part expands on the reasons why your study is necessary. Include a description of your work environment, your position within the organization, and how your role fits into the organization both vertically and horizontally if your project explores a subject related to your line of work.
• Describe the relevant course concepts in detail. Describe how these notions relate to the organization that is the subject of your project. What does the company accomplish well? Would it be advantageous to implement some of the theories you have been learning?
Discussion, conclusions, and suggestions: Give a full explanation of your findings and the consequences of your study in this area. Make sure you just provide the relevant consequences. Present your suggested action plan as well. Depending on the sort of project you choose, this plan may change. For instance, it can be a personal action plan that you would use to implement the strategy in your current role or a position in the future. Your recommendations may be centered on what topics require additional research if your project is a literature review. Make sure the advice is practical in light of the pertinent concepts and, if applicable, the organization you have researched.

• References: You are not permitted to rely solely on your written materials for information. You must consult additional sources, including books, magazines, websites, information from organizations, and conversations with people. Make sure the references you use to support the material are accurate. All references and quotes should be properly cited. A bibliography or references list must be cited for all sources, including websites. Observe APA style.

• Appendices: Each appendix should have its own sheet and title.
Additional Key Points

Remember that you must adhere to all recognized writing conventions in English. Papers must be double-spaced, typed, or word-processed, with conventional margins (one inch on each side). The length of the paper is not the main indicator of the paper’s quality. A paper of 4050 pages would probably be too long for this course.

On the other hand, a five-page paper is insufficient to adequately fulfill the objectives of this assignment. As a general rule, you’ll need roughly 15 pages to fully present your findings.

Make sure to properly reference and cite all of your sources; they must all be listed in the bibliography or references section.
M2A3: Annotated Bibliography for the Final Research Paper



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