M8A1: Term Paper

You will write and turn in the term paper whose subject and structure were accepted by your instructor in Module 2 during this module. The discovery of further study on your topic during this course is likely to have changed your outline. You have the chance to make the ideas you’ve learned in this paper uniquely your own.
It is highly recommended that you utilize the following format for your term project report:

Title: The title provides a brief summary of the paper’s topic.

An “executive overview” of your paper is provided in the abstract. It should include a 50–100 word summary of the job and help your management understand the main points of your project.

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Each section of your paper’s table of contents is listed together with the associated page number. Should be on the list are:
Tables and Figures (if there are more than two of each)

if there are any appendices, 2.

3. A section that references the sources utilized
The goal of the paper should be stated in the beginning in a few clear, declarative sentences. Persuade your reader that the study will be based on the ideas covered in the course and that it will be valuable and meaningful to you.

Background and Significance: This section adds more support for the study’s significance and background. If the subject of your project is something related to your place of employment, you should describe your workplace, your role within the company, and the vertical and horizontal integration of your job. You should also discuss the relevant course themes. Describe how these notions relate to the organization that is the subject of your project. In what areas does the organization excel? Could it gain from implementing some of the theories you have learned?

Discussion, consequences, and Recommendations: Give a full explanation of your findings and the consequences of your study in this area. Make sure you provide the relevant consequences. You should also suggest a course of action. Depending on the kind of project you have chosen, this strategy may change. The action plan, for instance, can be personal or something you could implement in your current role. A position that would allow you to carry out the strategy is another possibility. Your recommendations may be concentrated on the topics that require additional research if your project is a literature review. Make sure the advice is practical in light of the pertinent concepts and, if applicable, the organization you have researched.
References: You cannot rely on your textbook as your main information source. You must consult additional sources, including websites, business journals, organizations, and individual interviews. Make sure the references you use to support the material are accurate. All citations for references and quotes must be done properly. A bibliography or references list must be cited for all sources, including online. The APA style and format requirements must be followed.

Appendices: Each appendix should have its own sheet and title.

Additional Key Points: Bear in mind that your term paper must adhere to all recognized standards for English composition. Your essay needs to be typed in double-spaced, 10- or 12-point Arial or Times New Roman, 15 pages long, and submitted as a Word document. Page margins should be one inch on the top, bottom, left, and right of the page. Keep in mind that the paper’s length is not the main indicator of its quality.

Send the Word file to the relevant dropbox. For due dates, refer to the course calendar.
Evaluation Standards

Read the SBT Individual Project Rubric in the course’s “Start Here” section for further details on the evaluation criteria. Be mindful of the following:
The arguments show a comprehension of the course principles, and the information is fair and pertinent to the subject.

The main point is backed by relevant illustrations and references from outside studies.



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