Learning Exercise 1

According to Vince Lombardi, “The best game plan in the world never blocked or tackled anybody.” Although strategists frequently believe their work is finished once they have chosen the best strategy to employ, the reality is that this phase is frequently much more challenging than the strategy formulation phase.

Problems with management, operation, marketing, finances, R&D, and MIS could cause a strategy’s failure. Let’s continue to talk about Domino’s brilliant turnaround plan.

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Your job? Use the company you chose for your Mission and Vision Paper (SEARS) and succinctly describe a recent attempt at a strategy. Find the issue (management, operation, marketing, finance, R&D, or MIS) that, in your opinion, could have prevented the strategy from succeeding if it had not been carefully considered. Explain why you chose that issue and give a specific illustration of how it might have shown itself at the company. Be sure to provide justification for your explanation and to cite your sources with APA formatting properly.

Learning Exercise 2

Explain in detail how that implementation issue could have been resolved, continuing the discussion from Learning Activity #1. As always, make sure to back your discussion with rationale and to cite your sources accurately according to APA style.



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