MIS 301: Management Information Systems

There are two parts to this assignment. You must read the security analysis of the network business that runs the online game in Part 1 of this essay. Study the merits of the biometric authentication technique covered in Part 2 carefully.

Introduction: Problem Description
About 16 million users in more than 100 countries utilize the online game sites run by the ABC Network Company. Entering a game is free, but purchasing digital items from ABC, such as swords to fight dragons, is required. People from all over the world play the games at the same time in simultaneous sessions that may handle millions of participants.
For this online business, it is your responsibility to create a security study. The analysis ought to provide answers to the following queries:
What kinds of hazards must the business be prepared for?
• What actions can the business take to safeguard its websites and keep running?

Authentication with biometrics in Part 2
Corporations widely use the technology of biometrics to authenticate people. Only people who have been given permission are able to access an organization’s resources, including its information systems. Initially, what exactly is biometric authentication? Then, by outlining both the advantages and downsides of this technology, discuss its merits.

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Products and Evaluation Standards

• You must compile a report that contains the following information:
A cover page, an introduction, a part one answer, a part two answer, and a conclusion.
f) Bibliography

• Students will be graded using the following standards:
(16 pts) for subject knowledge
The way the information is organized in relation to the aforementioned criteria (showing the information in a logical and engaging order that the reader can follow) receives two points.
No spelling or grammar mistakes = 2 points for mechanics.

To pass, students must turn in the assignment plus a copy of the report before the deadline.



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