Management, leadership, motivation. Mercedes and Chanel. Comparing and Contrasting.


Write on management, leadership, and motivation (choose 3 theories, such as Herzberg, McGregor, Maslov, Taylor, or Mayo). and so forth.
then compare and contrast two companies, Mercedes (automaker) and Chanel (fashion house); apply and abide by this method, please!
and make use of these two guidelines (pertaining to leadership, management, and motivation).

-explain management (source)
-explain the use of models (internal, external, etc.) and their relevance in management (short analysis and reference). -explain the role of management in organizations (i.e., creating value and turning input into output).

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Development of management theory, management models, and case studies application (reference)—how a company’s history defines leadership (reference)
Briefly describe the leadership theory (reference).
-describe the function of leadership in an organization and how performance may be affected (reference)
-briefly illustrate understanding of several leadership styles (reference)
-explain how the leadership philosophies employed by both firms have led to their success (two organizations, consequences).

28,000 words, not counting references!


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