management of information system(Five-Component Careers) questions

Five-Component Careers

Let’s answer all four of the questions that are posed at the end, starting with the definition. Part 4 asks about “innovative actions.” That question could benefit from a little research. Remember, each week you should cite at least one research source in your main post.

1.What does the phrase in a category of jobs that is net of outsourcing mean? Why is this important to you?

2.Examine the five-component careers chart and choose the row that seems most relevant to your interests and abilities. Describe a job in each component column of that row.

3.For each job in your answer to question 2, describe what you think are the most important skills and abilities for that job.

4.For each job in your answer to questions 2, describe one innovative action you can take this year to increase your employment prospects.

Plz remember use at least one cite

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