Management : Organizational behavior

The study of organizational behavior is important to understand the factors that contribute to EPSE. As noted in your readings this week, there are three levels or ways of analyzing organizational behavior: Individual, Group and Organization. In this discussion tell us the following: 1. Which of these three levels do you believe impact our understanding of EPSE the most? 2. Tell us why you selected that particular level? 3. Provide an example how one of the factors listed in the level that you selected could impact EPSE. For example, if you selected the Group level you might want to tell us how group norms could impact any of the three aspects of EPSE. Again lets say that you want to focus on the P in EPSE which is performance. Tell us how group norms could impact individual performance. Here is another example. Let’s say you selected the Organization Level, and you decided that organization culture could impact EPSE. And furthermore, you decide that you want to look at the E (engagement ) part of EPSE. Explain how organizational culture could impact employee engagement. Or lets say that you selected the Individual level. You may want to tell us how personality could impact satisfaction. These are merely examples. You select the level, the factor, and what part of EPSE you want to write about.

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