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Management style chart

Reflecting upon your Module 02 Discussion post, utilize your response to create a chart or diagram representing the change model that you are implementing -make sure to create a comparative demonstrating showing the old model against your new change plan.

Example: If you have chosen to use Fiedler’s Contingency Model as the change model to utilize with your project, your chart will reflect how your will create organization change based upon the model’s situational leadership style and situational favorableness.

Once you have created your change model chart, write a short description of its elements.

Note: The chart will be included in your final project proposal.

I will attach Example of Charts

Below is my discussion post for reference :

The question was:

Gaining an understanding of the various models of leadership theory is critical in order to understand what skills and abilities are needed to influence the desired change in an organization.

For this discussion, reflect upon your chapter and module readings and articulate your personal view as to which model would be most effective in achieving results in your project case study. Since the selection of a model must apply to a given situation, please provide an example of how your selected model will be implemented in your change initiative.

My answer was

Influencing desired changes in an organization requires coming up with concepts. As a leader, the first step should be to try and understand leadership models. After examining the possible approaches to a problem at hand, a leader will be able to analyze how his or her idea will affect the people and if at all it will work out. This is because there are always many factors in a social, economic and political setting. It does not matter the type of policies implemented should be considerate. The FCM approach would be more suitable. It’s more malleable, and adaptable in the type of work environment for Delta.

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