You must show that you understand management theory through the lectures, workshops, and practice working with your Management Simulation team in order to do this.
The Situation
You are submitting an application for a position with a renowned management consulting business, whose client list includes several industries in both the public and private sectors. They are eager to hire recent graduates from business schools who have a thorough understanding of contemporary business and organizational requirements. The firm has a ten-year growth strategy, and it is looking for applicants who can show they comprehend the complicated requirements of the modern business environment and who can make reasonable estimates about what businesses and organizations will need in the future.

To help the assessors decide who will make a significant contribution to the Business Development Plan they are putting together to outline the future expansion of the business, each candidate must submit an academic essay (minimum of 1500 words and a maximum of 1,600 words) to them.

The essay you were assigned has the following title.

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In four years, how will managers and leaders need to adjust to succeed?

The format of your essay

Although this question has been made as open-ended as possible by the management consultancy’s recruiters, they will nonetheless be seeking candidates who have an understanding of how modern firms approach such important elements as,

• How has new communication technology affected marketing in the contemporary context?
• How will services be provided and how will products be produced in a global environment?
• Personnel resources. What impact will it have on employee management? How will organizations be set up? Where will people be employed? How are people going to be managed?
• Operations: What organizational models and operational management strategies will be suitable in the future?
• How will e-commerce evolve and what resources will businesses need to take advantage of the opportunities it presents?
What reforms aimed at a sustainable society will be fueled by global citizenship?

The challenge for you as a candidate will be to respond to these questions within the parameters established while upholding academic standards in your writing and reference.

assessment standards
Structure. The minimum word count is 1,500, and the absolute maximum is 1,600 (excluding references). Businesses and organizations face issues that are clearly defined in terms of their nature. With a concise summary, the article comes to a close. 10% Knowledge: You can see that the ideas and information you learned in the module have influenced your thinking, for example, about e-commerce, strategy, organizational structure, business planning, and the role of technology. 40% Application: By applying your knowledge, you demonstrate that you have given your recommendations some thought and do not just accept ideas at face value. 40% UWE According to Harvard Referencing, a variety of academic sources are cited in the text and are exhaustively listed in the References section at the conclusion of the assignment. 10%

See: for guidance on referencing and academic writing.

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The Academic Success Center for the Faculty
The Academic Success Center is located in room 2B076. One-on-one meetings to discuss specific learning concerns and workshops covering a variety of learning-related topics, such as writing skills, critical thinking, and referencing your work, are just a few examples of the assistance options available.
The Academic Support Center’s weekly schedule of events will vary during teaching weeks and some non-teaching weeks. Each week, the timetable will be mailed to student email addresses and put on notice boards next to the B block exit that leads to Felixstowe Court and on the door of 2B076. Email [email protected] to reserve a workshop space or schedule a consultation.



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