Managing conflict between staffs

Nursing leadership


This assignment is a way to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts of nursing Leadership and Management for Health Professionals TASK DESCRIPTION: Your assignment should present: • a critical analysis of • Managing conflict between staffs • evidence based recommendations for practice, education, research and/or policy. • 2. On your assignment, you must provide a brief description of what the issue/scenario is. Present a critical analysis of the issue supported by literature. Your analysis should focus on addressing the following questions: a) Why has this issue arisen? b) What factors contributed to it? (e.g., political, fiscal, social, cultural, environmental, government policy etc.) c) What action is needed from a leadership/management perspective in relation to this scenario? d) What are the implications for nurses/nursing? 3. Make recommendations for practice, education, research, policy (may include one or all of these). 4. Prepare a separate References page (use no fewer than 8 references). There is no absolute word limit; recommended a maximum of 600 words.

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