Managing Organisations and Solving Mystery Task Proofreading Essay

At the end of the course, please write an application paper which describes how the concepts from this course apply to your professional life. This paper should be written with your current situation in mind and looking forward, but not applying the course’s concepts retrospectively to a past situation. Among the questions you should address in this paper are:

What are the most relevant concepts from the course to you?

How will you apply these concepts to your future work?

What from this course has made an impact on you professionally as you have progressed through this course? (This question is optional)

Knowing what you know after taking this course, what will you do differently from now on? You’ll want to address all of these questions, but the paper should be written in a narrative format, not as a series of questions and answers. As you answer these questions, be as specific as possible. Don’t just say, “I found the various models of organizational change to be relevant to me.” Write specifically about how you would apply a certain model to a situation. The important criteria in this paper are application and specificity. Your success in this paper will depend on how well you demonstrate an understanding of concepts (as defined in class and in the readings), and on how well you can apply them to real world situations. The more specificity you bring to your discussion, the better the application will be. Again, this paper should be written at a level consistent with a college-level program. However, as this is a highly personal paper, it is acceptable—and advisable—to write in the firstperson. Think of this paper as telling a story—a personal one about you and your work.

  • Change is something that we always have to be ready for. And we talked about it in the class that we always have to be ready for the change.
  • What I learned is that from the mystery game is that we all have different goals.

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