Brief essay assignment for coursework 2

Details of the assessment (should include formative and summative components)
a) Coursework 2 Essay, 2,000 words, with an 80% module weighting Week 11: Due on Friday, December 4, 2015, at 2:00 PM; anticipated feedback date: January 18, 2016

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Students who pass this module satisfactorily will be eligible to:

Explain and assess how management theory and practice relate to one another; Recognize the function of managers in organizations and the various management philosophies; Showcase research abilities through secondary research;
• exhibit written communication skills; • comprehend and use various techniques for business and management analysis;

Word count for each essay: 2,000 (80% weighted)

Choose ONE of the three evaluation topics below to answer:

1. Decide on a company you are familiar with. Analyze the organizational culture in light of two distinct cultural ideas.
2. Discuss how managers affect an organization’s openness to changing its operations, using particular industry examples. Think about the main difficulties that managers will encounter when implementing that change.
3. Cite a current instance of questionable corporate behavior in a UK-based company. Compare and contrast the three main stakeholder views on the ethical issues created by the behavior.

Assigning marks will be done as follows:
5% Introduction
examination of important management theories in detail 35%
Analysis of the subject using pertinent examples: 35%
10% of the time
the clarity in writing, proper citing, essay structure, etc: 10%



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