Managing Organization Change ip1



You are an OD consultant for the Working Better Group. The President of a firm, BARTH Inc., requested a meeting with you to explore how you can help him. There have been several exchanges between you and the President so far, and you need to report to your partners about the prospects for this assignment.

Download and review the following documents:

  • History of BARTH
  • Memo One: from you, as the OD consultant, to Ken Martin, President

Memo Two: from Ken Martin to you:

Create a 10 – 12 slide PowerPoint presentation for the other members of your consulting group outlining the following:

  1. The presenting problem or specific request for help
  2. Any other problems or concerns that might need to be addressed if an ongoing relationship were to occur
  3. The primary focus for an “executive team off-site meeting
  4. Your recommendations for who you would include in this meeting (review and refer to the organizational chart document in background materials)
  5. The deliverables you plan to prepare for Ken and/or the executive team to review.



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