Managing People in Practise
Assessment task: Essay (Individual)

Weighting: 40%

Date/time/method of submission:
Friday 18th December Week 13 by 11:59 online Turnitin

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Word count or equivalent: 2000

Assessment criteria:

• Knowledge and understanding 30%
• Application of Knowledge 25%
• Analysis and evaluation 20%
• Communication and Presentation / Referencing Style 25%
Mullins (2011) says that the efficiency and performance of staff and their commitment to the objectives of the organisation are fostered by good effective human relations at work. This demands that proper attention be given to human resource management and employee relations.

Assignment briefing

With reference to all the HR practices covered in your module what is the impact of Human Resource Management on staff and their commitment to the objectives of the organisation? Pick three areas that you can critically discuss and evaluate. Your essay must use examples and demonstrate your understanding of how these practices apply your own industry area.

• Recruitment and Selection
• Training and Development
• Rewarding people
• Managing Performance
• Dealing with discipline and grievances
• Employee well-being

General Guidance

You should show that you have done a wide range of reading on the topic, and that you have analysed the strengths and weakness of the HRM contribution to your industry.

Your essay should demonstrate that you have:
• Used an appropriate title that is relevant to the topic
• Evidence of a wide range of reading
• Selection of appropriate material from the reading
• Arguments and counter arguments are supported by the literature
• Essay has a logical structure
• Conclusion is logical
• Referencing and citation are in correct format
• Work has been written in clear English, displays a good standard of grammar and has been proof read.

The Marking Guide below will explain how you will be assessed and should be used as a self-evaluation checklist before submission to ensure you meet the assignment requirements.

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