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Assignment Instructions

Theoretical Approaches Assignment

The purpose of this exercise to help you think through and apply the theoretical approaches you have learned about this week. You likely will need to Google theories related to the specific discipline you choose. Obviously, not all research projects lend themselves to every approach but if a researcher can identify a theory in which his particular research can fit, that is desirable. A researcher can also use approaches that he sees in other projects and simply adapt the approach to his own project if it is feasible.

This exercise is intended to have you think about what approach you might reasonably take if you had the time to operationalize the research which you may or may not have the time to do in this course. That said, choose a theoretical approach that is reasonableand be able to explain how that theory applies to your research topic.

State your course research project’s specific research question.

Compare at least two theoretical approaches that might provide some insight into your research direction. Please describe them briefly and explain which aspects of the theory are helpful to you. Which, if any, might you choose for your project and why (or why not)?

Locate an article that uses a theoretical approach that might help you frame your own argument. Provide a short explanation of the article and which elements would be useful to you.

Please provide the complete citation for this journal article in correct APA format.

Upload your completed assignment to Assignment Week 5 using the filename: yourlastname_wk5.doc. The Week 5 Theoretical Approaches Assignment is due Sunday of Week 5. The assignment must follow APA guidelines (parenthetical citations) and be free of typographical, spelling and grammatical errors. Compliance with the above directions, quality of your analysis, and the SSGS Assignment Rubric for 500-600 Level Classes will be used to evaluate this assignment.

Assignment Rubric

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