Marketing Activities

You are required to write a 4,000-word report, in consultation with the module tutors, assessing and criticizing two methodological views from the range mentioned in the module’s suggestive content. In your discussion of the methodological concerns, you will reply to a specific research challenge that you have identified by focusing on these techniques. To support your discussion and appraisal of the methodological issues, you may also refer to a published research journal (often chosen from relevant publications) or an official report from inside the organization you are affiliated with. The length of your report cannot exceed 4,000 words.
Formative Evaluation: Weekly online solo and group exercises and distance learning resources will aid in students’ progress, reinforce what they learn in class, and boost their total module performance. All students registered in Research Methodologies (whether on campus or through blended learning) are expected to participate in the weekly online group exercises.

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