Group Project Assignment for Marketing Management 883N1 Assessment 1 — AUTUMN 2015

30% of your final Marketing Management grade will be determined by your performance on the group project. You’ll need to collaborate with your team on this task and apply your research abilities.
Choose a company together as a group (4–5 students per group). On Sussex Direct, there is a list of approved businesses. You may choose a business that is not on the approved list, but it must be a UK-listed business. Each group needs to have their tutor’s written approval before making a decision. All groups’ preferences will be kept on a master list. We want to prevent students from investigating the same business.
The strategic marketing process begins with a marketing audit. The strategist learns about the environmental possibilities, threats, and marketing capabilities during the audit. It serves as the foundation for establishing goals, creating strategies, and organizing the marketing mix along with operational plans.

TASKS: 1. Create a marketing audit for the company of your choice. This should contain both:

a. an external audit of the surroundings, including markets and rivals.
b. internal auditing of the organization’s goals, plans, and marketing initiatives.

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2. Analyze the company’s marketing efforts critically. This will involve, as necessary, looking at the marketing mix, innovation, product portfolio, etc.
3. Assess the present marketing plan. Is the existing approach suitable for the surroundings?

4. Briefly describe and support any suggested modifications to marketing strategy or initiatives.
instructions for completion

1. The recommended word count is 3000 (plus or minus 10%).
2. Reporting style

3. Include a contents page at the project’s start.

4. Aim to analyze and evaluate rather than relying solely on description.

5. The Harvard referencing style should be used; remember to cite sources both in the text and in the bibliography or references list.

6. Various sources, not just online ones, should be consulted. Offer a wide selection of books, periodicals, and online resources. Keep in mind to consider the quality and dependability of the sources.

7. Adhere to the project’s guidelines and avoid adding extraneous information.
Use tables or graphs to present important, pertinent facts; they may be included in the appendices, but they must be cited in the report.
9. Ensure that you have the necessary word count (plus or minus 10%) and that the project is finished on time.

Project 883N1 Marketing Management Group

IDs of the students
Name of Tutors: Categories and Criteria

(15%) Structure, Logic, and Presentation
use a background that is appropriate and a structure that is reasonable and obvious
utilizes pertinent appendices related to the report
References should be used

Analysis (25%)

Effective research uses a variety of reliable sources.
application of relevant frameworks, models, and marketing techniques

Analysis and assessment (40%)
Key effects are studied and discovered in marketing contexts.
critically evaluate the firm’s marketing efforts, paying particular attention to the marketing mix and the marketing communications mix.
identifies signs of success or failure, whether they are financial or not
assesses the employed technique or tactics critically
Observations and suggestions (20%)
The description, justification, and defense of recommendations for marketing strategies
The description, defense, and justification of strategies and marketing initiatives
identifies the most important strategic goals for the future

70% to 79% plus 80% 60% to 69% 50% to 59% 40% to 49% 30% to 39% less than 29%
grading system % 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Genuinely Outstanding Excellent Comprehensively Usually Fail Poor Weak/Excellent Good Go



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