Marketing Research

The writer can choose one f the following hospitals.
-Al-Khor General Hospital
-Rumaillah Hospital
-Hammad Hospital
-Al-Ahli Hospital
-Al-Emadi Hospital
-American Hospital

The questionnaires key question that needs to be clearly addressed is the customer (patient) view of services in hospitals in Qatar. This important and fundamental question should bring out a number of key service considerations and issues which should be tackled before embarking on implementation of consumer driven service strategy in hospitals.

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As a researcher you will focus on in-patients (i.e. patients who stay in a hospital for more than 1 day). The prime project objective will be to evaluate the satisfaction status of a patient who is receiving healthcare services in a hospitals. Consequently the research project will help develop satisfaction profile of a customer (patient) that is reflective of whether or not customers needs and expectations are being met.

The research project will cover the following strategically important areas
related to Customer (patient) care:
1. Demographics (identify different types of patients)
2. Different types of medical treatments
3. Assessment of service providers performance
4. Quality and extent of communication between service providers and patients
5. Assessment of patient accommodation
6. Assessment of catering quality
7. Assessment of recreation and entertainment
8. Value for money evaluation

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