Marketing Unit 8

Assignment: For this assignment, you will make your audiovisual presentation of your customer relationship management strategy using the PowerPoint narration feature. When you’ve finished, you may add this expertise to your CV.
Every aspect of the company, including customer service, staff training, problem-solving at work, communicating with coworkers, and reacting to stakeholders regarding business issues, uses audiovisual presentations.
Create a PowerPoint presentation that starts with a title slide, is followed by an Introduction, and includes information about your chosen organization as well as answers to the first two questions. Create your customer relationship management strategy by including the headers from the CR management model and answering the questions pertaining to each element.
Think about the customer satisfaction model displayed below. Why is it vital to measure both client expectations and actual satisfaction with use or consumption?
How can you distinguish your program from that of competitors, given the abundance of loyalty programs?
Then, using the customer relationship management model that can be found in the Assignment home area, develop a framework. Answer the following inquiries about the customer relationship management model:
Model CR To be answered in relation to the sample process step:
1. Establish a database: How should this be done and why?
2. Database analysis: How will you do that? What calculations and techniques will you employ in your analysis? Give a fictitious illustration.
3. Explain the criteria you used to choose your clients. Will you only consider profitability, or will you consider other factors as well?
4. Targeting customers: How will you get in touch with them?
5. Customer relationship marketing: Set up a campaign in this area.
Privacy concerns: Pay attention to privacy concerns.
How will you evaluate your performance?
Instead of simply reading the slides, expand on the bulleted topics on each slide. In other words, your PowerPoint presentation serves as a blueprint for the information you will provide orally.
Marketing Management (MT450)
Guidelines for Submission
Your PowerPoint presentation should include 810 slides, one additional title slide, 24-point font, 45 bulleted points on each slide, and all further information should be placed in the notes section. Send your presentation to the Dropbox for the Unit 8 Assignment.
For more instructions on adding audio to your presentation, visit at



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