martin luther heretic

Watch the BBC documentary “Martin Luther: Heretic” (). Then, in a double-spaced printed and paper of about two pages stapled to your midterm, answer the following questions:

1. In what ways does the film’s portrayal of Luther’s life and his ideas agree with or differ from that offered by the textbook? Look, for example, at how the film and the textbook treat Luther’s spiritual difficulties as a monk, the controversy over indulgences, Luther’s dispute with church authorities after the publication of the Ninety-Five Theses, and the Diet of Worms.

2. What were the two most important things about Luther that you learned from the film that we did not discuss in class and that were not mentioned in the textbook?

Please keep in mind that this paper is very important, and the professor is very HARSH grader. Please write this paper in a professional way. I will attach the textbook that you have to refer to when answering the questions. Please stick to the youtube video and to the textbook I will provide you. Please do not use any other materials to answer the questions. Use Chicago footnotes for citation. There is no need for bibliography or work cited page, only footnotes in Chicago citation whenever you use an idea or a quote from one of the sources. Please only use the textbook I will provide you and the youtube videos, it is not allowed to refer to other sources other than these two.

You can download the textbook through this link:

Please download the textbook and answer the questions carefully


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