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Discussion Board: Mascots
Supporters of Indians as mascots offer that they are honoring Native Americans, yet the images and names posed for the Black, Mexican, and Chinese sports teams are patently offensive.
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Discussion board instructions
Review the attached document(s) or video(s) and use one or more of the questions listed below as a guide and basis for discussion with your classmates.  Guidelines are to complete each post before the due date with a minimum of between 75 – 100 words. Include in your posts some concepts and vocabulary from the assigned video or document, textbook, and/or lecture slides to demonstrate your understanding of the lesson for the module. 
Mandatory question prompts:
Why do Indian mascots persist when there are no similar mascots from other demographic groups?
Optional question prompts:
What about the video/activity/reading was most surprising to you or intrigued you the most?
How would you apply what you have learned?
How does the video/activity/reading remind you of a personal event or story?
How does the video/activity/reading relate to concepts you learned in class or from the text?
Part A: Your first post is due Wednesday and should include answers to the questions and end with an original question of your own for your classmates to answer.
Part B: Your additional posts, due no later than Sunday will include answering 2 of your classmates’ questions.
Part A is worth 10 points and part B is worth 10 points totaling 20 points for this assignment.
Use the classroom discussion board so everyone may review all the posts.



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