Question 6

When coagulum containing casein and lactose enters a casein plant, it is processed through two cookers and acidified to extract the casein. By screening, the curd is separated from the whey, followed by washing and drying. Hydrocyclones separate the casein particles from the whey and wash water, and they combine them with the heated coagulum right before the screen. By using indirect methods, the whey is used to heat the first cooker and create steam for the second. The casein and lactose content of some of the more accessible streams has been tested and analyzed; the remaining steam can be presumed to be water without appreciably affecting the outcomes. The final dried product’s moisture content has also been identified.
composition based on weight

Lactose Casein Moisture Coagulum 2.76 3.68

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Raw whey: 0.012 4.1

Cyclone Whey 0.007 4.1

0.026 0.026 0.8 Wash water

Wash water from waste 0.008 0.8

a dried good


Calculate the entire mass balance for the process based on this data using a straightforward, step-by-step methodology, beginning with the hydrocylones. Assume that lactose concentrations remain constant and that it is entirely soluble in all streams.

a. Create and complete the table below (27 marks).
Flow Rate in Kgh-1

Mixed casein lactose total coagulum and fines

Various fines

drowsy curd

Fresh whey

Whey fines flow.

Wash water waste

Washing machine fines

squeezed curd

Dried Goods

b. What proportion of recovered fines are entered into the screen? (3 markings)

c. What percentages of recovery efficiencies do the two sets of hydrocyclones exhibit? (3 markings)

d. What percentages make up the dried product and the squeezed curd? (3 markings)


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