Each student must complete all eight problems in the Module 4 Group Discussion Questions
Problem Set (DOCX).Preview the document

For each problem, show all steps and provide an explanation. Include your solutions in one document. Attach the one document in your group discussion area for your initial discussion reply.

Review the “Learn How to Type an Equation in Microsoft Word” video (YouTube | 05:05) (Links to an external site.) for information about using the Word Equation Editor.

As the rubric indicates, you are graded on your first submission, and you must submit before viewing others’ solutions. Refer to the rubric for grading criteria.

The problems should be done after reviewing and understanding the assigned module homework. Remember, the instructional videos and MML help aids are invaluable. They provide a quick reference or a thorough review of the weeks required assignments. If you are stuck on a particular problem before submitting the initial part, leave it blank or make your best gut-feeling guess.


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