MBA Essay Tips and Tricks to Ensure Admission

You applied to the graduate school of your dreams, interviewed for an acceptance, and wrote the greatest MBA Essay that was thought to stand out from the rest of the bunch. However, you got a letter of rejection from the school’s MBA program and are now upset by the decision. When you are able to apply again for your dream schools graduate program, make sure that these mistakes are avoided at all costs.

1. Do not lie on your essay Tell the truth on your MBA Essay instead of twisting, stretching, or changing any facts about yourself. The schools Academic Committee can detect these instances a mile away.

2. Do not try to suck up Talking about how great the campus is, the faculty, grounds, or anything in that nature will not get you into their program any faster. Speak about the qualities and benefits that you would bring to their school instead.

3. Excuses get you nowhere Making up excuses will put focus where it doesn’t need to be. If you think that any flaws need to be addressed, then say it and move on.

4. Be yourself, not something that you aren’t Of course you want to fit in with your peers; however, you should not make up things to impress your potential school. Many graduate programs seek for a broad range of individuals with their own opinions and range of experiences.

5. Do not be like everyone else. Stand out! Do not use generic phrases and make yourself stand out in a valuable way. But when would one consider a statement generic? If you are the only person who made a statement, then it’s specific.

6. Do not put yourself in a stereotype Go beyond your race, background, or job definition which is associated with your professional and academic profile. This will show your true uniqueness to the reader.

7. Do not try and be perfect Remember that being a MBA student is about learning from your experiences. Be honest about the things that you need to work on.

8. Do not write the same thing over somewhere else The Academic Committee will have your entire file, therefore repeating anything that is in the application onto your essay will waste the time of the reader. Make sure to re-frame any important contents or create a new image.

9. Use small pieces Narrow your story to make it easier for your reader to absorb. However, make sure that you deepen your analysis when you share your story.

10. Do not use a prose list This can actually bore the viewer and can say that you cannot focus on just a few of your highlighted achievements or activities. It could even mean that you do not have the initiative to extract your best qualities.

11. Stray facts and events are not needed Stay on topic and do not run off into several directions in your essays. One should never force their reader to work any harder than they have to.

12. Never point fingers Blaming someone else for your flaws will not hurt anyone else other than yourself.

13. Controversial topics should be off limits When writing your MBA Essay, make sure to stay far away from topics such as politics, abortion, or any other ideological opinions. Your viewer may not agree to you on these opinions.

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