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Considering that McDonald’s is the brand, complete the essay titled “The Task of Project B: Brand Implementation Report and Plan.” submission from a person 2500 words 10%

Your task at this point is to select one brand from your Project A analysis and further explore its growth prospects. To identify and examine the problems and weaker facets of the brands, you must first review and analyze your earlier research.
Imagine that you are this company’s design or brand manager and that you are educating your colleagues on the brand’s potential. Consider the change management strategy for this brand.
What should change, why, and in what way?
To aid you in developing these prospects, pick a reliable, acceptable design, advertising, web, or branding business. Include a brief justification for your decision, along with the names of these organizations, in your report. Develop new, cutting-edge design concepts that would be acceptable in enhancing the efficacy of your selected brand by reexamining it, looking at its online presence, and taking into account all of the brand’s touchpoints, associations, senses, and emotional components. Your undertaking will be self-driven. Your tutor will provide feedback and tutoring assistance. The primary output for this assignment is a thoroughly researched written Report and Plan showcasing your approach and answers to the challenge as well as your major learning throughout.
Consider the market’s current issues and tendencies. Use key concepts and exercise critical thinking while analyzing what the brand might accomplish in the future. As you go through the many processes of transforming your idea into a real-world project and make the necessary modifications, use all the knowledge you’ve gained throughout the session.

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Details of the Project: (About 1700 words) a report? A well-written and persuasive report on how to enhance your chosen brand should be provided. Add the following information:
Why does it require modification? A brief summary of the company.
• What are the challenges?
• What are the key tactics and suitable frameworks that could be applied to your idea?
• How will the suggested brand change be prepared for and executed? (This time, there is no requirement that you do any design work because you will be briefing agencies.)
• A list of the consulting firms you have decided to work with, together with a detailed explanation of your final choices and selection criteria.

(810 words or so) A timetable outlining the creative phases and brand rollout for the chosen agency (which tasks come under which headings? How will you handle the proposed brand’s budget, scope, management, and measurement (media outlets, places, and times)? to reimagine? All sources should be cited in Harvard style throughout the report and plan, and a complete list of references and a bibliography should be provided at the conclusion. Visual and competitor evidence supporting the brand changes should be included in the report body and/or the appendix.

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