Medicare advisory payment commission (MedPAC)

Question One

Your book includes an excerpt of a report by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission.  MedPAC is a group of experts who work part time for Congress to figure out ways to make Medicare work better. Take a look at the 2014 MedPAC Report and an excerpt from the federal register about Accountable Care Organizations.


What was MedPAC recommending be done to Medicare, and are ACOs consistent with MedPAC’s recommendations?


Question Two

Your book includes two excerpts of federal law explaining how a federal court’s ability to review a denied Medicare claim is significantly limited by statute.  In other words, Congress decided to sharply constrain a Court’s power to overrule what the administrative state decided with respect to a patient’s Medicare claim.


Why do you think Congress did so, and do you agree those constraints are a good idea?


Question Three


What is the statutory standard for a Section 1115 waiver and do you agree with the standard Congress chose?


Question Four


Who do you think has the better argument on the Medicaid expansion, Chief Justice Roberts or Justice Ginsburg?



The medicare advisory payment commission recommends a payment increase in 2024 for acute care hospitals and to physicians in the fee-for-service, positive payment. There will be payment reductions for skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies and inpatient rehabilitation facilities. MedPAC  has given congress recommendations on payments for two types of plans: in-network fee-for-service and Medicare Advantage plans…………………….


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