Melissa’s senior 1.

The paper should be 1925 words long * Select one of the following topics to discuss in relation to Melissa’s senior 1. The right to determine the time and place to die 2. Advance directive on managing her final farewell (funeral, wake etc) 3. Importance of having an up to date and legal will that cannot be challenged. ** Please email me which topic you have chosen before writing this case study essay. * Points to note: • An introduction and a conclusion are both required. • Please use headings. Do not use ‘Body’ as a heading – think of something that accurately reflects the content in your discussion. • It is recommended you utilise a 20 references for this paper. Your discussion must be supported with high quality, peer reviewed research relevant to the topic. • Your paper must be formatted, cited, and referenced as per APA. (Links to an external site.) • Ensure your sources are recent (less than seven to eight years old unless you are citing a seminal piece in a historical context which is relevant to the topic) and peer reviewed. Use predominantly Australian literature; you may use international literature if it adds weight to your discussion. • Websites may be utilised if they are from valid sources: e.g. .gov, .edu, .org or government publications. Avoid using sites with .com in the address. • Make sure you are referring to current Victorian legislation. New legislation came into effect earlier this year. Do not refer to out of date legislation.

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