Mentoring and coaching in nursing


• Workplace bullying This is a 6-8 page APA paper (not including the cover page and references) with only 4 or 5 references (Not more than 5!) NO DIRECT QUOTES. You must paraphrase your source. You MUST format your paper EXACTLY like the attached template! —> Week 9 APA Paper Template.doc <— An automatic 10% deduction will be taken for not using the attached template. Your APA formatted paper must contain: Title Page Introductory paragraph(s) Paragraph(s) explaining why you chose the specific topic Paragraph(s) explaining the current relevance of the topic Paragraph(s) explaining what you would lobby for from your legislators or local government in reference to your issue or trend Paragraph(s) explaining how your topic is or would be integrated into clinical practice or how the information is or would be used in the clinical setting Summary A reference page with in-text citations throughout the main body.

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