Mg375 Discussion Post 4 – My Perfect Tutors

  Select one of these concepts Project Management using network diagrams (PERT and CPM) in Operations Projects. Finding and using the Critical Path in network diagrams in Operations Projects. Reducing the project completion time (crashing) in Operations Projects. Application of the Gantt Chart in Operations Projects. Components of Earned Value Management in Operations Projects. Then find a current event in an article from the resources below to illustrate that concept. Library Resources Industry Week (Links to an external site.) Wall Street Journal (Links to an external site.) Industry Week  (Links to an external site.) Project News Today (Links to an external site.) Project Management World  (Links to an external site.) Global Manufacturing  (Links to an external site.) Analysis Post After reviewing and analyzing at least one of the current events articles, compose an analysis of that event or situation using the unit operations concept that you selected. Note: Remember to focus upon your selected operations concept in your analysis. 



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