MGMT 3620 Personal Ecological Footprint Executive Summary

Refer to Chapter 5, Supplement: Sustainability in the Supply Chain, for background information. Read the Sustainability section starting on page 189. We have the chance to mold the rising discipline of sustainability in the supply chain. We should think about enhancing sustainability in our own personal operations (how we conduct the business of life) in order to position ourselves to influence the future of supply chain sustainability.

Assignment: Draw a systemic cause-and-effect diagram (CED) with Reducing My Ecological Footprint as the desired consequence. People, Processes, Purchases, Equipment, Measures, and Environment are good places to start. (Remember that “Environment” refers to factors affecting your ecological footprint but not directly under your control.) Create a second CED if these cause categories don’t appear to be working for you. (In our text, Chapter 6: Managing Quality. On page 219, there is an illustration of a cause-and-effect diagram.)
Write a three-page executive summary (double-spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pt Georgia or Tahoma font) that is jam-packed with information and highlights the three to four most important or fascinating (but doable) steps you may take to lessen your environmental impact. Your cause-and-effect diagram should be the source of these behaviors. Although it should be an attachment, the cause-and-effect diagram is not in the three-page executive summary.
Your writing’s organization is crucial! For examples of successful business writing and a checklist, see the business writing model. Other formats will not be assessed for reports.


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