MGMT 3620 Personal Ecological Footprint Executive Summary

Background: Refer to the Chapter 5 Supplement: Sustainability in the Supply Chain. Read the section on Sustainability beginning on page 189. Sustainability in the Supply Chain is a developing discipline and we have the opportunity to shape it. In order to prepare ourselves to shape the future of supply chain sustainability, we should look at improving sustainability in our personal operations (how we go about the business of living).

Assignment: Create a systemic cause-and-effect diagram (CED) with the desired effect of Reducing My Ecological Footprint. Start with the categories: People, Processes, Purchases, Equipment, Measures, and Environment. (Note that “Environment” refers to causes that affect your ecological footprint, but are outside of your immediate control.) If these cause categories dont seem to work for you, create a second CED. (See Chapter 6: Managing Quality in our text. There is an example of Cause-and-Effect Diagrams on page 219.)
Write a three page executive summary (double spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt Georgia or Tahoma font) packed with content emphasizing the three or four most significant or most interesting (but practical) actions you could take to reduce your ecological footprint. These actions should come from your cause-and-effect diagram. The cause-and-effect diagram should be attached, but is not included in the three page executive summary.
The structure of your writing is critical! See the model successful business writing example and business writing checklist for guidance. Reports written with other formats will not be graded.

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