MHI508 Health Information Systems Security MD 3 SLP

Paper details:

In Module 3, you selected a healthcare organization that you will study throughout your Session Long Project. For this module, consider your organization and assess how well the organization’s employment policies and security awareness program align (or do not align) with the material covered in the Administration domain. In 2 to 3 pages, do the following:

Provide an overview of the organization’s employment policies and practices. Discuss how well they align with the security policies and practices covered by the Administration domain. How effective are the policies, practices, and measures? How can they be improved?

Describe any security awareness programs that your organization uses. Are they effective? What could be done to improve them?

Note: These questions are targeted at asking what you would suggest or recommend. I am not asking for you to disclose actual information that could in any way compromise the security of your organization’s systems.

SLP Assignment Expectations

LENGTH: Write a 2- to 3-page paper, typed and double-spaced, using 12pt Times New Roman font and 1-inch page margins.

The following items will be assessed in particular:

Incorporation of key security administration principles within your analysis.

Ability to apply your understanding surrounding the main goals and tenets of information security.

CLN 6 – European Management Assignment Plan

The Case:

The CEO/MD of the Colourful Corporation has just returned from a skiing holiday with her family in the French Alps.  She passed through Grenoble enroute to the Alps and was very impressed with the business potential of the city.  She thinks that there is investment potential in the Grenoble region.  She didn’t have time to examine this potential in any detail but is considering a possible investment up to EU80m.  She noted  with some satisfaction that the principal industries in the city were education, tourism (associated with the snow industry), ICT, and wine.  She has asked you to join an investigative team she has put together, and to undertake a ‘desk-top’ feasibility study in the form of a business case and send a soft copy to her by COB Mon 15 Dec 14, to provide her with investment recommendations related to these four industries. Your team will then travel to Grenoble to investigate on site, be briefed by a number of industry specialists and undertake visits to various companies in the region.  She regretted her briefing was so short, but she was leaving for China tomorrow and depended on you and your team to come up with a good ‘desk top’ business report for her.

•Your business report will outline at least the key strategic, business, cultural, legal and economic factors as well as any current issues and challenges being experienced by the industries in Grenoble that an Australian manager planning to invest should be aware of, and provide some initial conclusions and your early recommendations.

Executive Summary

•    2 pages max (copy and paste; aim, conclusion, recommendation)

Table of Contents

Introduction                                     (100 words)

Aim of Report                                        (50 words)

This report provides a ‘desk-top’ feasibility report and analysis regarding the current and future investment opportunities for Colourful Corporations in the industries of; education, tourism (associated with the snow industry), Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and wine in the city of Grenoble, France.

Factors and Issues (200 each issue, therefore 2000) – Test how each fact relates to the Aim

1.    External Environment Analysis (test how each factor relates to the aim)        (600 words)

a.    the economic system

i.    Economy of the EU, France and Grenoble                   Hadrian

ii.    Real GDP growth rates                        Hadrian

b.    the monetary system                            Hadrian

c.    trade relationship between Australia and the EU                Hadrian

d.    taxation                                 Hadrian

i.    Corporate tax

ii.    Value Added tax

e.    employment Law and                             Carmella

f.    business regulation                            Carmella

2.    Business Culture                                 (200 words)

i.    Hofstede/Gannon/Tompanaars                     Gerard

3.    Business Entry Strategies                            (200 words)

a.    Takeover/Merger/JV/Greenfield/Franchise                Hadrian

4.    Market Analysis -everyone starts by doing PESTLE/SWOT/PORTER for their market, this goes in Appendix and then gets distilled into 200 words each under the following headings

A.    Education                                (200 words)

i.    Product Description

ii.    Product Objectives

iii.    Target Market                            Carmella

iv.    Value Proposition/Competitors/Differentiation

B.    Tourism                                (200 words)

i.    Product Description

ii.    Product Objectives

iii.    Target Market                            Arthur

iv.    Value Proposition/Competitors/Differentiation

C.    ICT                                    (200 words)

i.    Product Description

ii.    Product Objectives                         Gerard

iii.    Target Market

iv.    Value Proposition/Competitors/Differentiation

D.    Wine                                    (200 words)

i.    Product Description

ii.    Product Objectives

iii.    Target Market                                   Bianca

iv.    Value Proposition/Competitors/Differentiation

Conclusion                                         (100 words)

a.    Past and Present facts.                            Hadrian

Recommendation                                     (100 words)

b.    Future                                    Hadrian

o    Invest in XYZ (or none)

o    Justify


Repeat for each product (Education, Tourism, ICT, and Wine)

•    Product SWOT Analysis

o    Strengths

o    Weaknesses

o    Opportunities

o    Threats

•    Product PESTLE Analysis

o    Political Factors

o    Economic Factors

o    Social Factors

o    Technological Factors

o    Legal Factors

o    Environmental Factors


•    Do as you go… don’t leave until the end (use something like ‘Cite this for me’ website).

Pestle Example

Swot Example

Porters Example


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