Using the photo that shows results of various biochemical tests determine the answer to the following questions by inputting the answers in order in the ten boxes below:

Gram reaction


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Genus and species (put this in the last box)

Using the table identify the Genus and species of the unknown bacteria:

Organism Gram Shape Arrangement MR VP PAD H2S indole motility citrate
Staphylococcus aureus + circle clusters + +  
Bacillus megaterium + rod chains + + +
Bacillus cereus + rod chains + + +
Micrococcus luteus + circle tetrad  
Moraxella catarrhalis cocci diplococci +
Enterobacter aerogenes rod single + + +
Proteus vulgaris rod pairs, chains + + + +
Providencia stuartii rod coccobaccilli + + + + +
Alcaligenes faecalis rod single, pairs + +
Citrobacter freundii rod pairs, chains + + + +

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