Mid-range Theories – Nursing Essay Assignment Papers


Search current nursing journals for examples of the development, analysis, or use of mid-range theories in the discipline of nursing. Debate trends in the development and use of mid-range theories in nursing research with colleagues. Mid-range Theories – Nursing Essay Assignment Papers.
Mid-range Theories

Fig. 17: Nursing Theorists

Middle range, or mid-range, nursing theories lie between the most abstract theories, such as grand nursing theories, models, or conceptual frameworks, and more circumscribed, concrete theories, such as practice theories. Compared to grand theories, mid-range theories are more specific, have fewer concepts, and encompass a more limited aspect of the real world. Concepts are relatively concrete and can be operationally defined.


Nursing has appeared to recognize mid-range theory as the latest step in knowledge development, and there is broad acceptance of the need to develop mid-range theories to support nursing practice. Mid-range theories are also increasingly used in nursing research studies. Many researchers prefer to work with mid-range theories rather than grand theories or conceptual frameworks because they provide a better basis for generating testable hypotheses and addressing particular client populations. A review of nursing research journals and dissertation abstracts indicates that nursing research is currently being used in the development and testing of a number of mid-range theories, and mid-range theories are frequently being used as frameworks for investigation. Mid-range Theories – Nursing Essay Assignment Papers.

Students will consider the relationship between nursing knowledge and nursing practice, with emphasis on the relationship of mid-range theories to aspects of nursing practice, research, education, and administration. Mid-range Theories – Nursing Essay Assignment Papers.

Several methods for development of mid-range theories have been identified in the nursing literature. Mid-range theories emerge from combining research and practice and building on the work of others. Sources used to generate mid-range theory include literature reviews, qualitative research, field studies, conceptual models, nursing practice, clinical practice guidelines, theories from other disciplines, and statistical analysis of empirical data. Liehr and Smith identified five approaches for mid-range theory generation. The purpose of this module is to examine the purposes, characteristics, and concepts of mid-range theory and to describe the source and development process of mid-range theories from these five approaches.

Upon completion of the module, students will be able to:

understand the purposes of mid-range theories.
discuss the characteristics and concepts of mid-range theories.
describe the sources and development of mid-range theories.
develop a concept of interest into a preliminary mid-range theory.

Topics Index

The following topics are covered in this module.

Purposes of Mid-range Theory
Characteristics of Mid-range Theory
Concepts and Relationships for Mid-range Theories
Theories from Research and Practice
Theories from a Grand Theory
Combining Theories
Theories from Non-Nursing Disciplines
Theories from Practice Guidelines

These topics are designed to direct your readings, assist you in the development of assignments, and prepare you for module discussions.

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