Migrant Workers: Searchers


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Regarding his book And the Earth Did Not Devour Him, Tomas Rivera once remarked:

I wanted to capture the moral fortitude and notion of justice that are so vital to the American continent. I noticed that strength in those migrants. They might have been socially, politically, or economically impoverished, but they never remained in one location long enough to suffer or be oppressed. Instead, they kept traveling. However, they were “migrant” laborers because they were constantly looking for work. I observe the same sense of movement and notion of spiritual justice among the European immigrants. It had appeared. The migrant employees’ original job description still includes being searchers. In the Americas, this metaphor is significant.

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Numerous other readings from the semester have connections to this quote. You should be reminded of those previous readings by the words I’ve bolded. It is your responsibility to assess (choose a word) and explain (larger picture of agriculture) the readings from this week’s discussion in relation to those from prior weeks.

All concepts must be unique. If numerous people are talking about spirituality, for instance, you shouldn’t repeat the written or visual passage that you are referring to. This should serve as encouragement to post early. You may choose one of these words (or a synonym) and explain why the text you’ve chosen is modern literature or exhibits elements of realism. Canvas pages like “Realism” and “Modernism” will also be acceptable readings.

Finish your opening post by describing how this describes a farmer.




The same rubric used for posts on your blog will also be used for grading. We’ve all read the same material, so a basic review is not what I’m looking for. Instead, you should produce original, sophisticated concepts that go beyond surface reading.

introduce new content. Further study may be necessary in this case.
Every post needs to be written as a whole idea.
Determine your topic.
By sharing your perspective with the audience on a particular issue, you can focus the discussion.
By providing examples, make your point clear to your audience.
If you can remove a thought from the conversation and it still makes sense, that is a good indication of whether or not it is a complete thought.
There should always be a “because” phrase in responses to posts made by classmates.
Apply proper netiquette. No one should feel threatened. Link
Participation criteria for the discussion in the original post 3: New information is presented via research. 3 comments on at least one post made by a classmate 2. Perfect writing mechanics 2

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