Milestone One Topic Selection: Drug and Alcohol Abuse

For this assessment, you will examine a contemporary social issue using your sociological lens. You will begin by selecting your own contemporary social issue to use as the base of your project. You may use an issue from the list provided below or choose an issue of interest to you that you find in the news or media, or perhaps one you encounter in your daily life. Bullying Crime and violence Drug and alcohol abuse Income inequality and wealth distributionAfter selecting your topic, explain what is happening with the social issue—what is its impact? Who is affected? What do people think about it? Are there any debates surrounding the issue? Also, provide a brief history of how the issue began. Additional sub-topics of interest within these larger issues are included in a Supporting Resource List. NOTE:Please I will like the selected topic based on Drug and Alcohol AbuseThis is Milestone one and will need supporting references.  APA format Please ensure a complete plagiarism free work. Follow the milestone one rubris guide.The post Milestone One Topic Selection: Drug and Alcohol Abuse first appeared on The Nursing Tutors.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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