mod3 4 question case study attached case and rubric take your time with this its already late mistake on my fault

After you have read through the case study, give thoughtful, well-developed responses to these case analysis questions, in a 1 – 2 page Word document. Upload your document by clicking the Submit Assignment button at the top of this page.

Write a critical analysis of how the global team was put together.
Which trap is the most critical to avoid? Why?
What critical success factors were present?
What would you have done differently?

Grading criteria and rubric for this assignment are located in your syllabus.

Writing Assignments are submitted through the TurnItIn plagiarism tool, which evaluates them and assigns a score for originality. If you receive a score greater than 20%, you will need to rework and resubmit your paper.
The assignment for this week is worth 100 points. It will be graded according to the Assignment Grading Rubric [PDF

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