Model feed the world

The purpose of this assignment is to have you examine the four meal models that Michael Pollan develops as role models for larger-scale agriculture and cuisine. You’ll be asked to consider your personal buying experiences, such as those you’ve had at Farmer’s Markets and the LA County Fair, and assess the ways in which they support one or more of his models. In order to support your argument, you will also need to identify sources, including at least one academic journal.

Texts: The Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan
a minimum of four additional sources, at least one of which is a scholarly journal
own meals, shopping, and adventures

Michael Pollan provides four examples of meals, ranging from McDonald’s to killing a pig. Each has advantages and disadvantages. The major thrust of his argument appears to be that, as things stand, companies and the government—neither of which has the kind of foresight required to ensure that what is available to us is the best thing for us—are in charge of feeding the US people.

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Choosing one of the four models as the only course of action is undoubtedly impossible (and possibly irresponsible), but each of us must make a choice among them and find a contented and beneficial compromise. The most important thing is that we comprehend that these are choices, that politics is involved, and that they have both advantages and disadvantages.

In light of this, kindly consider the advantages and disadvantages of the four eating strategies Pollan offers and devise what, in your opinion, is a workable compromise. Cite his writings to support your claim, and as you explain your position, please describe how you have put it into practice in your own life. You can discuss a meal that you prepared or that was prepared for you, possibly with ingredients you bought at a market or fair. Additionally, in order to answer the unanswered question of whether there is a solution to factory farming and the consumption of fast food, one that can be implemented given the limitations of nature, cost, availability, geography, etc., use Pollan’s book and additional sources you can find on the library databases to support your case.



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