Modern and Continental Philosophy |

Complete both parts of this worksheet.Part AComplete both parts of the matrix.In the first column, describe British empiricism and how it ends in Hume’s skepticism about knowledge of the external world. In the second column, explain how Kant’s theory allows us to have empirical knowledge of the world around us.Write at least four sentences or bullet points for each of the four categories to help you organize your thoughts. Remember to use appropriate course-level APA formatting in any citations from the text.In the second part of the matrix, describe Kant’s theory of the categorical imperative in the first column, and in the next column, explain Mill’s Utilitarianism.Part BChoose from one of two following options to deliver Part B of your assignment:·        Option 1 is to complete the assignment as a standard written assignment.·        Option 2 is to complete the assignment as a dialogue between one of the three philosophers, Kierkegaard, Marx, or Nietzsche toKant or Mills.Summarize in 350 to 700 words, the philosophy of Kierkegaard, Marx, or Nietzsche as a response to the moral theory of Immanuel Kant or John Stuart Mills.ReferencesAPA-formatted citationAPA-formatted citationThe post Modern and Continental Philosophy first appeared on The Nursing Tutors.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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