Monthly Employment/Jobs Report and Analysis

On the first Friday of each month the US Department of Labor publishes the employment/Jobs report. The report gives a broad picture and statistical analysis of the national employment situation during the preceding month. For example, the next report will be published on the first Friday of September 2020 and will explain the labor market conditions nationally and in various regions during the month of august 2020.
Your assignment consists of the following: 1. access the month jobs report when it is published from the department of labor website on any media source.  2. Review the report carefully to develop a good under of the US labor market. 3. Review the different component of the report and focus on the evidence of employment and unemployment across different regions, different states, and among different demographics particularly among different ethnic groups. 4. Give a 4 page paper report, develop a comparative analysis of the distribution and effects of employment and unemployment. – at the national level, across US regions and states, across different industries, across different age groups, across different racial tunic groups. Add references as well.


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