Question 1. Miller (2001) pointed out other perspectives on morality that are overlooked in traditional theories of morality, such as moralities of community and moralities of divinity. According to Miller, moralities of community emphasize interpersonal relationships and community. In moralities of divinity, religious beliefs and spirituality are central to moral development.

For this discussion, design a new perspective (moralities of x) and describe what people should and should not do in order to keep the moral standards in that specific morality. Include scholarly sources to support your conclusions. (200 words minimum)

Question 2. John Rawls suggests that there are circumstances in which inequality is just, or what he terms fair. What is Rawls’ argument for this? Provide an example. Do you agree with Rawls’s position? Why or why not? Compare and contrast how this relates to socioeconomic class in terms of so-called environmental goods and bads. 200 words minimum


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