MORR training framework

begin creating your 6-week athlete strength assessment improvement plan for any sport other than American Football. Your plan must address the following

• List and cite the type of Periodization methodology that will be used for the training plan.
• Base the type (e.g. lower-body power, upper-body strength, etc.) and the number of strength/power training sessions per week from research (peer-reviewed
articles or reputable textbooks) and cite the content in your submission.
• Pool workouts (listed only, not discussed) on at least one day of the training week.
• List the sport, competition level (high school, college, etc.) and position the athlete plays.
• List the physical characteristics of the athlete (age, height, weight, gender, body fat percentage). These should be realistic. If you are unsure what ‘realistic’
is, nd a research article and use the means and standard deviations they provide.
• Initial strength/power assessment battery should be specic to the sport and or position the athlete plays.
o The assessments in this battery should be cited and come from peer-reviewed research or reputable textbooks.
o Some of the movements in the assessment should be included in the training plan. …

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