Mortality and Humanity
• 5 pages; double-spaced; MLA heading and title.
• Citing/quoting any of the primary sources, proper in-text citations are required; a works cited page is not required if you are using the assigned, provided editions of the texts. If you are using another edition of any of the primary sources, a works cited page is required. Please note: this means any version of the text that is not provided by the instructor or the version of the text ordered through the bookstore.
• The guidelines for this essay are rather loose, but your essay must contain a thesis: a unique interpretation and focus for your argument. Avoid summarizing the plots of the works. I would suggest running your topic by me for approval to make sure you are on the right path.
Choose only one of the below suggestions to write an essay:

1. Develop your own essay topic/argument/interpretation on one of the following:
• Hippolytus by Euripides
• The Tempest by Williams Shakespeare
• I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan
Your thesis must contain a unique interpretation of the work and a focus for the essay; the argument must then be supported with relevant discussion and examples from the work.


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2. How does one character (or characters) in one of the following reflect our mortality or humanity?
• Hippolytus by Euripides
• The Tempest by Williams Shakespeare
• I, Lucifer by Glen Duncan
Discussion should include how your character demonstrates or discovers their humanity/mortality, thus demonstrating the universal human truth or emotion of the work and what it means to be a mortal human.

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