Mortality and Humanity

• 5 double-spaced pages with an MLA heading and title.
• If you use the assigned, given editions of the texts, you do not need to include a works referenced page when citing or paraphrasing any of the primary sources. A works cited page is necessary if any of the primary sources are used in a different edition. Please take note that this refers to any edition of the text that is not one that was provided by the teacher or one that was purchased from a bookshop.
• The requirements for this essay are somewhat ambiguous. However, you must have a thesis statement that serves as the foundation for your argument. Do not summarize the stories in the works. To be sure you are heading in the proper direction, I would advise having you run your topic by me for approval.
Pick just one of the essay writing suggestions below:

1. Choose one of the following and create your essay topic, defense, or interpretation.
Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Euripides’ Hippolytus
• Glen Duncan’s book I, Lucifer
Pertinent discussion and examples from the work must back the argument you make in support of your thesis. Your thesis must offer a distinctive interpretation of the work and serve as the essay’s focal point.


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2. How does one or more of the following characters express our mortality or humanity?
Euripides’ Hippolytus; William Shakespeare’s The Tempest; and Glen Duncan’s I, Lucifer
Discussing how your character comes to terms with their humanity and mortality will help show the work’s universal human truth or feeling, as well as what it is to be a mortal person.



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