Most dextran-specific antibodies elicited from inbred mice of the IgHa heavy cha

Most dextran-specific antibodies elicited from inbred mice of the IgHa heavy chain allotype bear lambda light chains. In contrast, although mice of the IgHb allotype produce dextran-specific antibodies upon immunization, none of these antibodies bear lambda light chains. These findings led to the speculation that IgHb mice simply don’t have the heavy chain V-region genes necessary to make a dextran binding antibody with a lambda light chain. Recently, a lab used limiting dilution to compare the frequencies of lambda-bearing, dextran-responsive splenic B cells from several different bone marrow chimeras. They used irradiated BALB/c or C.B20 mice as recipients. These recipients received either sIgM+ splenocytes or B220+sIg- marrow cells from adults of either strain. [BALB/c mice have the IgHa allotype; and C.B20 mice are a congenic strain that has the IgHb allotype on the BALB/c background.] 
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