Motivating Operation.

Review the material below related to motivation operations.   What are some examples of these?   How might these impact learning?   How might these impact behavior?  Discuss this in 200 words.

A motivating operation is a procedure or condition that affects learning and performance with respect to a particular reinforcer or aversive stimuli. Deprivation and satiation are some of the motivating operations. The reflexive motivating operation is an example of an escape contingency to remove the unpleasant effects of negative stimuli. Motivating operations efficiency depends of the size and perceived quality of the reinforcers. Large quantities of reinforcers quickly satiate the individuals and thus their learning and performance goes down.  In order to utilize the full potential of motivating operators in shaping behavior, these reinforcers should be kept deliberately small. Also the quality of the reinforcers matters. The reinforcer has to be of perceived value to the individual in order to provide the motivation to get the reinforcer as a result of applying a desired behavior. Therefore it is more effective to use ice-cream as a reinforce contingent to the presentation of good handwriting, compared to using boiled cabbage

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