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assignment is The Post:

Please find the movie on the channels
Please view the movie, and following the prompts in the movie analysis criteria , attach your response.
Your response should be 500 words with NO misspellings, grammatical errors and run on sentences.

Movie Analysis Criteria
Please find below the format you should follow for the movie reports. Your movie report should be a
minimum of 500 words.
Part I: Movie Summary – 20%
Your first paragraph should be a brief summary of the plot. You should state the movie’s title and director,
and then you should describe the setting, main characters, and basic action of the movie.
Part II: Analysis – 40%
Your next one to three paragraphs should be an analysis of the movie. Consider answering some of
these questions:
1. What is the best or worst part of the movie? Why?
2. What did you learn from the movie? (new words, facts, ideas, etc.)
3. What is the director trying to teach? How did he/she teach this?
4. Which character do you like the best or the least? Why?
5. How does this movie compare to other movies about the same subject or by the same director?
Remember, each paragraph should focus on only one idea.
Part III: You and the Movie – 40%
Your next paragraph(s) should describe how the movie relates to your life/culture/country. Discuss how
the movie speaks to your culture today from your personal experience or from watching/understanding
other people’s perspectives.

1- high school level
2- simple english
3- do not use hard vocabulary
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