Movie: Invictus
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1. Watch carefully leadership traits on display in scenes from Invictus.
2. Identify and describe leadership traits demonstrated by the two main characters.
3. According to President Mandela, as portrayed by Morgan Freeman in this film, what is
the essence of leadership?
4. What are some traits we see in President Mandelas character that shows hes a good
leader? What are some leadership traits we see in Francois?
5. What does the poem “Invictus” mean to Mandela? What might we expect “Invictius” to
mean for South Africa as a nation? Why is it important as a leader to unify its followers
even when times get rough?
6. Explain why a teams performance can affect the larger institution, be it a school or a
nation and how this performance can transcend into a form of leadership (Can sports
teams, clubs, and the like in your school have a similar impact on overall student life?).
7. Invictus looks like a good movie, but so what? What can we take-away from this movie
to help us become better leaders?

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