MTH 147 FALL 2015 NAME_______________

MTH 147 Fall 2015 Name:___________________
MWF 8:05am 8:55am CSU ID:___________________

Quiz 5

Instructions: Quiz is open book and open note. Read all questions carefully and present all answers within the provided space. If the space is not enough you may write on the back. All work must be shown to receive full credit, if applicable.

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Total Points: 10
Question 1:
Using the provided t-distribution table, report the t-score which you multiply by the standard error to form the margin of error for a
a) 95% confidence interval for a mean with 9 observations
b) 99% confidence interval for a mean with 13 observations
Question 2:
Calculate the 99% confidence interval for a sample of 22 observations, with a mean of 3 and a standard deviation of 0.75.

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